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If you have unanswered questions about the death of your loved one or wonder if you can pursue a wrongful death claim, contact our office right away. As an experienced personal injury lawyer, Thomas R. Matvey has worked with families just like yours.

The loss sustained in a fatal accident is obviously much greater than that not involving the death of a loved one. Aside from the immense grief that a family experiences through the permanent loss of a father, mother, son, or daughter, the family will lose the support that was provided by that family member. A fatal accident often takes away from the family the benefit of insurances, pensions, and other means of support the family received prior to the death of the family member in the accident.

Attorneys and Wrongful Death Claims

When pursuing wrongful death claims, it is important to recognize there are different technical requirements and deadlines/statute of limitations involved in filing. An estate must be opened to pursue the claim against the person who caused the fatal accident.  Some claims may have shortened notice requirements.  Attorney Matvey will work with you to open anestate and to appoint a person to pursue a fatal accident claim on behalf of the estate.

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Many situations can result in serious personal injury or wrongful death. These include fatal car, truck, motorcycle, or boating accidents. On occasion, fatal injuries are caused by drunk drivers (DUI). If someones negligent conduct caused a fatal accident and your loss of a loved one, you might have the basis for a wrongful death suit.  Claims can be made for the loss of a husband, wife, son, or daughter due ot car accidents, dog bites, and other incidents of personal injury.  Death of a loved one always comes too quickly, but if it was sudden and preventable, the tragedy is greater. If your family has suffered the wrongful death of a loved one, please contact Palmieri & Matvey. As a personal injury firm, we are committed to helping victims and their families find answers, justice and compensation.