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Slipping or tripping and falling can result in serious injuries. Broken bones, dislocations, and other serious injuries are often caused by the negligence of store or property owners.  Water or other slippery substances may be left on a supermarket floor or store employees may leave objects on the floor that may cause tripping accidents.  Untreated driveways and sidewalks can be very dangerous. We have handled claims against the Beaver Valley Mall, Wal-mart, GIant Eagle, Robinson Towne Center, and other retail, business, and residential property owners. At the law offices of Palmieri & Matvey in Bridgewater, Beaver County, we believe that property owners should be held accountable for injuries caused by their carelessness.

Liability of property owners for injuries

In residential areas and at commercial sites such as malls, office buildings, and even gas stations, it is the owners”” responsibility to maintain sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, and other areas on their property. This means keeping them in good repair and free of snow and ice. Other areas of owner responsibility include:

  • Maintaining stairways
  • Repairing handrails and steps
  • Keeping proper lighting systems working
  • Repairing sidewalks that become uneven
  • Snow or ice on sidewalks, driveways, or in parking lots

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If you are injured on a person””s property or sidewalk, or in a store, office building, or supermarket, contact our office. Mr. Matvey will contact the property owner on your behalf and work with their insurance company to obtain the compensation you deserve. If no settlement agreement can be reached, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf to pursue your case in court.  We try to settle claims amicably, but we sue when we cannot get the result you deserve.  The responsibility to maintain property applies to residential home owners and business owners as well.

Property Owners responsibilities

Commercial venues have significant responsibilities when it comes to your safety. They are required to fix potholes or make repairs to their parking lots as well as keep them free of ice and snow. In addition, indoor store conditions must also be safe, including keeping floors clean and dry. Owners of office buildings and gas stations must also keep their property free of dangerous conditions to avoid a fall down injury.  It is particularly important for retail stores to keep their floors and other areas safe and free from conditions that might cause a fall.  Pennsylvania law recognizes that store owners set up displays to attract your attention.  While you are shopping, you will be looking at the displays and if they have a dangerous condition on their floor, you may not see it and a fall down injury may occur.  We””ve successfully handled cases against Wal-Mart, KMart, Giant Eagle, the Beaver Valley Mall, and other retail and office facilities for our clients.

Proper maintenance of stairways is very important because of the dangerous nature of stairways. The injuries from a fall on stairs often are much worse than other falls because of the tendency to fall further when a stairway fall occurs.  Inadequate lighting, inadequate railings, or obstructions on the stairs can cause a fall. Snow and icy conditions are a common cause of fall down injuries.  Property owners have a responsibility to keep their sidewalks, parking lots, and other open areas relatively free from snow and ice.  This responsibility is not absolute. A property owner is not required to keep his sidewalks and parking lots free from snow in a snowstorm, however, once they have had a reasonable time in which to clear snow or ice, the property owner is responsible for doing so in order to protect against a fall down injury.

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