They Owe You What Was Paid for

Often people have no idea what coverages they have when they’re in an accident.  For car accidents in Pennsylvania, you’re going to have a minimum of $5,000.00 in medical benefits though you can buy substantially more to cover you for catastrophic injuries you might sustain in a car accident. You have the option of buying rental car coverage, comprehensive coverage on your car, uninsured motorists coverage, and underinsurance coverage.  You will have a minimum of $15,000.00 in coverage for personal injuries that you cause in an automobile accident and you usually have coverage for property damages you might cause in an accident.

Medical Coverage for Auto Accidents

It is the law in Pennsylvania that every automobile insurance policy have at least $5,000.00 in coverage for medical benefits so you will have that coverage to pay for any medical treatment arising from an automobile accident. You don’t need referrals to doctors, you can choose who you want to see and the bills will be paid by your insurance company.  Many automobile insurance policies have higher limits for medical treatment so you should check your policy to see what coverage level you bought.  Your bills will be paid without regard to who caused to car accident.  Even if you caused the car accident, your medical bills will be paid by your auto insurance.

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Rental Car Coverage for Auto Accidents

You have the option to get rental car coverage. If you bought rental car coverage and your car is damaged in an accident, you have the right to get a rental car for your use while your car is being repaired.  If you do not have rental car coverage and someone else causes damage to your car in a crash, their insurance company will pay for a rental for a reasonable amount of time following the accident.

Wage Loss Coverage for Auto Accidents

Wage loss coverage is optional in Pennsylvania.  If you have wage loss coverage and you are unable to work due to injuries sustained in a car accident, your insurance company should reimburse you for your lost earnings. Often wage loss coverages are low; $1,000.00 per month for a minimum of 5 months is common.  These limits may not fully compensate you for your losses you should check your limits to see whether or not your insurance coverage is sufficient should you get injured in a car accident.  If you lose more earnings than the insurance covers, your attorney will add your excess lost earnings to your claim and to your lawsuit should it be necessary for you to sue for damages.

Other Available Coverages for Automobile Accidents

If you have uninsured motorist coverage and an uninsured driver causes injuries to you in an automobile accident, you have the right to pursue damages for personal injuries through your own policy.  Underinsured motorist coverage is also available in Pennsylvania for motor vehicle accidents.  What this covers is damages you sustain whose value exceeds the coverage for the person who caused your accident.  With the minimum amount of liability coverage being only $15,000.00, it is not difficult for the value of a person’s personal injuries to exceed this limit.

What will happen in this case is that you will collect the full $15,000.00 limits of the negligent driver’s insurance policy and you can then make a claim against your own insurance company for the value of your damages in excess of the other driver’s policy.  Uninsured and underinsured driver coverages are optional, if you do not have them, you should seriously consider adding them to your car insurance policy.

These are most of the coverages and insurance benefits that you can get through your own insurance company.  What are you entitled to from the insurance company of someone who causes an accident in which you are injured?  It depends on what coverages the negligent person has.  If you are injured on someone’s property rather than in a motor vehicle accident, their insurance coverage may provide some coverage for medical expenses.  If your injuries are serious and their policy limits are low, you should get the limits of their personal injury coverage.

If they have high limits, you should get a fair value for for your injuries and damages.  From the liability coverage for the negligent person, you should receive from them the value of your lost earnings, any unpaid medical bills, and compensation for your pain and suffering.  Lost earnings and unpaid medical bills are fairly straightforward, pain and suffering is not.  Insurance companies will often try to minimize how much they pay you for all of your losses.  An attorney can be very helpful in finding out what coverages a person has and can help you to get full and fair compensation for all of your losses.

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