It’s a fair question, if you don’t need to pay a lawyer, why pay a lawyer? The answer to the question of whether or not you need an attorney, as always, is “it depends.” It depends on how complicated your case is, it depends on how strong or weak your case is, it depends on how much paperwork you are willing to handle.

Property Damage Claims

If you are in an automobile accident and the only harm you suffer is property damages to your car, you probably do not need a lawyer.  In most cases the repairs needed are fairly clear and the insurance company pays the repair shop and any car rental fees and you’re done, the case is closed.  If your car is a total loss the valuation of the car in most cases is pretty straight forward and the damages are paid and again, the case is done.  If you are injured and your injuries are minor the insurance company for the defendant will make an offer and if the offer is good enough for you, then you don’t need me to represent you. You can settle the case for a small amount of money and life goes on.

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Complexities in  Accident Cases

If your case is more complicated you will probably benefit by calling me and engaging me to represent you.  If there is a dispute over liability, over who is responsible for causing an accident, you probably need me.  I have the knowledge of liability issues and the resources to research and formulate arguments to support your side.  Otherwise you are left dealing with an insurance adjuster who will tell you that it’s not their insured’s fault and tough luck for you.  I frequently deal with accident cases where the insurance company denies responsibility for the defendant and we file suit, we pursue the case in court, and we settle or go to trial.  These types of cases are usually better off in the hands of an attorney.  If there are multiple levels of insurance through different insurance companies you will probably be better off having an attorney handle your case.

Fall Down Accident cases

Slip and fall cases are a very good example of cases where you probably need an attorney.  The insurance company involved will blame you for not watching where you were going, they will deny that their client did anything wrong, and they will not want to pay you for your injuries.  You will need a lawyer to try to convince them of why they should pay for your injuries and to sue them if they refuse.

Car Accident Cases

Car accidents can also be complicated.  There may be disputes over who caused an accident.  There may be issues over getting your medical bills paid.  There may be issues over whether insurance companies must be repaid when your medical bills are paid.  There may be disputes over the extent of your injuries and sometimes insurance companies will try to pay you less than what you deserve for your property damages.  The more issues you face in an automobile accident claim, the better off you will be having an attorney on your side.

The Value of An Attorney

But is having an attorney worth the money?  Many clients will tell you that we absolutely are worth the cost.  Some clients appreciate the peace of mind they get from not having insurance adjusters pestering them with telephone calls.  Some accident clients like having someone else doing all their paperwork for them.  When we have to file suit on an injury case the technical requirements of pursuing a lawsuit can be daunting to a person unfamiliar with the legal system.  Attorneys have access and knowledge of the legal issues you face and are familiar with the problems you have with the legal system and the problems you face when you are injured in an accident.  We can help you through a difficult time, allowing you to focus on healing rather than bothering with insurance people.

Perhaps the most important reason to hire an attorney is that you are more likely to get a fair settlement if you have an attorney. An attorney will have a better understanding of the value of your case than you do because the attorney will have much more experience in dealing with accident cases. An attorney will have a clearer understanding of the games insurance companies play as they try to pay you less than what you deserve for your accident related injuries. Statistics show that people represented by attorneys tend to recover more than those who are not represented by an attorney.  The difference is significant and as a general trend represented people gain more through the representation by an attorney than they pay for the the attorney.

There are many cases where you may not need an attorney, and there are many reasons why an attorney may be helpful when you are injured.  The value of your case may be enhanced by having an attorney, your rights will be better protected by an attorney, and you will not have to deal with the insurance adjusters if you have an attorney, allowing you some peace of mind while you try to recover from your injuries.  If you have any questions about your accident case, feel free to call me to discuss what I can do for you.

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