Hopewell injury lawyerIf you are a Pennsylvania car owner then at some point you made a choice: Full Tort or Limited Tort. You probably have no idea what that means but were told that you’ll save 10% of your insurance bill if you choose Limited Tort. Saving 10% sounds like a good idea and many people choose Limited Tort coverage for their auto insurance when they buy their insurance. Other people, when they get insurance, want “full coverage” and their insurance agent will set them up with Full Tort.

So what is Limited Tort and why should you care? The answer is that the choice of Limited Tort can have a huge effect on your ability to seek justice and compensation if you are injured in a car accident. Limited tort means that you are choosing to have a limited right to sue should you be injured. Limited tort means that you may not be able to make a claim for damages if someone else injures you in a car accident.

Sounds serious, doesn’t it?

Well it is. In saving 10% of your insurance bill you may be giving up the chance to recover damages when you’ve been injured. Suppose you are sitting at a red light and someone slams you from behind. Your neck and back are injured and an ambulance takes you to the hospital. You follow up with your doctor, tests are run and he refers you for physical therapy.

In the meantime you have bills to pay and kids to take care of. You go to work and you take care of your family and you really don’t change your activities, you just do what you normally do but with everything you have the pain from the injuries from the car accident. Your medical bills will be paid and if you have wage loss coverage you may get reimbursed for lost earnings but you will NOT get any compensation for the impact on your life. Your pain may go on for months or even years but if you have Limited Tort coverage you will have no right to make a claim for damages beyond lost earnings and unpaid medical bills. Is Limited Tort a good deal? In the short term it may be but in the long term I do not think that you should choose Limited Tort coverage for your PA auto insurance.

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