What happens if another driver hits your car and he has no insurance?

Aliquippa accident attorneySuppose you are forty years old, married, have two kids and a decent job. You have a fair amount of financial responsibilities that go with your status as husband and father. You have a house, your kids to take care of, retirement in the future, your kids’ educations down the road; there’s a lot you need to take care of. So you’re driving home from work one day and a young guy loses control of his car, crosses into your lane, hits your car and you do not survive. Suppose the other driver has no insurance at all. What can your family expect financially for support after you’re gone?

From the other driver, probably nothing. If he has no insurance, he probably also has no assets. You can sue him and you’ll probably win, but you will most likely never collect a dime from him. So how do you protect yourself? You do so through uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage provides just what it sounds like it provides, coverage for injuries you sustain when another driver causes you harm but has no insurance.

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Why buy Uninsured Motorists Coverage?

This is an optional coverage, under Pennsylvania law you do not have to buy it. If you do not buy it though, and you are injured or killed in a car accident due to the negligence of a driver who does not have insurance, you will not have any way to provide for your family. If you do buy uninsured motorist coverage and an accident occurs, you then make a claim against your own insurance company for the benefits you bought for yourself. By purchasing uninsured motorist coverage, you provide a way to protect yourself and your family in the unfortunate event of such a car accident. Uninsured motorist coverage can be stacked just as underinsurance coverage can be (choosing coverage that multiplies the maximum amount of uninsured motorist coverage available times the number of vehicles covered under your policy). This is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to maximize your coverage to protect yourself and your family.

Remember, you buy insurance to protect yourself. Coverages such as uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages are ways for you to take a positive step to protect your family.

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