Aliquippa car accident lawyerIn Pennsylvania, you get a minimum of $5,000.00 in medical expense coverage and coverage for lost earnings while you are injured are an option that you can either buy or waive. If you buy wage loss coverage, the minimum you can get is $1,000.00 per month for five months. For many people this coverage is given almost no consideration and if they’re in a car accident, are surprised by how little they can get while they’re unable to work due to their injuries.

Lost earnings coverage for car insurance

One thousand dollars a month is not a lot of money. It translates into about $5.77/hour in earnings. If you earn more than that and you’re in an accident, your income while you are recuperating from your injuries will not cover what you’re losing from not being able to work. When people are in this position they cannot stay off of work for very long because they start getting behind in their bills. It is therefore wise to get as much coverage as you can for wage loss benefits from your auto insurance carrier.

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Medical care coverage for car insurance

The state minimum for medical expenses is five thousand dollars. This again may seem like a lot but you need to look at the potential costs of medical treatment. A short trip in a medical helicopter will cost between nine and twelve thousand dollars. An inpatient stay in a hospital can easily run several thousand dollars per day. If your injuries are serious enough to warrant these types of treatment you will exhaust your medical coverage within a few hours or days of the accident. If you have other medical coverage, through your employer for example, then you will use your secondary health insurance carrier.

Subrogation and car accidents

Doing so can create a problem if you were injured by another person and want to make a claim against that person. Your health insurance carrier may have what is called a right of subrogation. What this means is that the health insurance carrier has a right to get paid back any money that it paid out for medical care related to your injury. Their claim may be primary over yours, meaning they get all of their money before you get anything. After fulfilling your obligation to you health insurance carrier you may not be able to get fair compensation for yourself. For this reason alone it is worth carrying a higher amount of medical coverage in your automobile insurance policy. There is another important reason to carry higher lost earnings and medical benefit coverages on your auto insurance policy. The coverage is cheap. If you compare the cost of $5,000.00 in medical coverage to the cost of a much greater coverage, you will see a relatively cost difference.

Review your insurance policy, see what you have and think about what you need and what your family may need. It is well worth the trouble to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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