Monaca attorneyIt is not uncommon for accidents to occur at an intersection controlled by a stop light or stop sign. When these types of accidents happen, there may be a significant dispute over who caused the accident. Where the intersection is controlled by a stoplight, there can be several reasons for a dispute over who caused the accident.

It is possible that the lights malfunctioned, giving both drivers involved a green light. In this case, an action against the municipality or state agency responsible for the light must be explored. It also may be that both drivers think that they had a green light. Without a malfunction of the light, one is obviously mistaken.

The importance of witnesses

This is where witnesses come into play. If an impartial witness can be found, the proof of who did and did not have a red light can be very easy. The witness, not having an interest in the case, will most likely provide the determining testimony regarding fault. If the testimony is in your favor, you will have a case worth pursuing. If not, you will have a very difficult time convincing a jury that you are the victim and that the other party was at fault.

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Intersections controlled by stop signs

Determining who was at fault in accidents at intersections controlled by stop signs can at times be difficult as well. Where one party has a stop sign and the other does not, the right of way favors the person without the stop sign and the determination of fault is pretty clear. Where all parties have a stop sign, the case can be more complicated. Section 3321 of the Pa. Motor Vehicle Law states that “when two vehicles approach or enter an intersection from different highways at approximately the same time, the vehicle on the left shall yield to the vehicle on the right.”

The dispute may then be based on who arrived at the intersection first and whether one or the other vehicles failed to stop before entering the intersection. As in accidents at intersections controlled by stoplights, it is best if you can find an independent witness to corroborate your version of the accident.

In any accident, and in particular in intersection accidents, it is always important to get the names of any potential witnesses in order to document your version of the events.

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