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Beaver Personal Injury lawyerAfter a car accident, most people do not know where to turn or what to do.  My new book, “Car Accidents, Insurance, and the Prepared Consumer, A Guide to Personal Injury Law in Pennsylvania” provides all the information you need after a car accident.  This free book provides you with a complete guide to car accident cases in Pennsylvania and answers the questions you have after an accident, including property damages, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, the legal system in Pennsylvania, and provides other information you need to know after an accident.

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We are here to help with  your personal injury case or estate issues and it is best to call a lawyer promptly after an accident. Call today at 724-709-7958 to discuss your case and what representation by Palmieri & Matvey may mean to you. Free attorney consultation. Contact us today to discuss what the insurance companies owe you, what you face in the pursuit of your accident and injury claim, and what a personal injury and accident lawyer can do for you.  Great results require cooperation between a client and the lawyer.

Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries can range from whiplash, broken limbs and concussions to more serious injuries involving traumatic brain injury, paralysis, dismemberment, amputation, herniated discs and spine injuries, or even fatal accidents.  The greater the injury, the greater the need for a good lawyer. Palmieri & Matvey can assist you in recovering substantial compensation for your car accident injuries, lost wages, pain, suffering, permanent disability and other damages.  It’s best to talk to a good lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights.

There's nothing more frustrating than working with an attorney that doesn't understand your situation. That being said, you need someone that can connect with you and give practical solutions to any legal disputes in Guelph. Rehan Khalil can give you what you need and more. Any legal issue pertaining to wills and testaments, criminal law, family and general litigation he can handle it. Know more by scheduling an inital consultation with him anywhere in Ontario to know where you stand.

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Dog Bite Injuries

Victims of dog bites often suffer from serious scars due to the nature of the incident. Often multiple injuries are experienced because a dog may not bite only once or there may be multiple dogs involved in the attack. Initial healing from the dog bite is often followed by treatment for scar revision and treatments. Emotional scars can also result from a dog attack that must be treated. Palmieri & Matvey can assist you in recovering substantial compensation for your dog bite injuries, including compensation for scarring, lost wages, pain, suffering, disability and other damages.

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Motorcycle Accident Cases

Bikers often sustain significant injuries, including closed head injuries, broken bones, serious abrasions, and other traumatic injuries because of the lack of protection experienced by a motorcyclist involved in a traffic accident. Motorcycle riders also face different rules regarding insurance compared to those covering car accidents.  Palmieri & Matvey can assist you in recovering substantial compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries, lost wages, pain, suffering, disability and other damages.

Truck Accident Injuries

Because of the difference in size between tractor-trailers and passenger cars, injuries caused in accidents involving large trucks can be significantly greater than those suffered in car accidents.  The lawyer at Palmieri & Matvey can assist you in recovering substantial compensation for your truck accident injuries, lost wages, pain, suffering, disability and other damages.

 Wrongful Death Claims

When an accident causes fatal injuries, the family of the deceased is left with questions, grief, and problems. We at Palmieri & Matvey can help you find answers to your questions and relief from the problems your loss has left behind.

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If you were in an accident, contact the personal injury lawyer offices of Palmieri & Matvey, P.C., today. People injured in car accidents or other incidents of personal injury face significant stresses; pain from their injuries, loss of income, medical bills, and often injuries to their family members as well. At Palmieri & Matvey, PC we understand what you have to deal with and can help you get through the difficult times you experience because of your accident injuries.

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Based in Bridgewater, Beaver, Pennsylvania, we are a law firm providing legal services and representation to personal injury and wrongful death victims and their families in Beaver County and across the state. If you have been injured by a dog or animal bite, car accident, trucking accident, motorcycle accident, boating accident, slip and fall accident, or a pedestrian accident, contact the attorney at our office today.

We are dedicated to protecting your interests and obtaining the best possible results for you. When you select us as your law firm, you will work directly with Attorney Thomas R. Matvey from initial consultation to final resolution. Contact a lawyer today to schedule a free initial consultation. We can discuss what you can expect from your case, what responsibilities the insurance company has, and whether you do in fact you do need me as your attorney to negotiate or sue for you. When filing a lawsuit and civil litigation is necessary, we will be there for you.

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Additionally, if you need a lawyer for an estate, we provide basic estate planning and complete estate administration and probate services. Attorney Matvey is also experienced in Social Security Disability applications and appeals.

From offices in Bridgewater, Beaver County, the law offices of Palmieri & Matvey, P.C. serves the personal injury, Social Security Disabilty appeal, and estate administration needs of Western and Southwestern Pennsylvania including the communities of Aliquippa, Center Twp, Beaver, Ambridge, Baden, Beaver Falls, Bridgewater, Chippewa Twp, Conway, Coraopolis, Cranberry Twp, Economy, Ellwood City, Freedom, Harmony, Hopewell, Leetsdale, Midland, Monaca, Moon Twp, New Brighton, New Castle, Patterson Twp, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Shippingport and Vanport; as well as Beaver County, Allegheny County, Washington County, Butler County and Lawrence County and other areas of Western PA.

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